Pourquoi choisir Baptiste Dumain plutôt qu’une autre agence immobilière à Istres ?

  "Après avoir obtenu sa licence d’immobilier, Baptiste Dumain a décidé d’exercer le métier d’agent immobilier dans sa ville natale, Istres. S’il a choisi de se fixer à l’agence de l’Olivier, c’est avant tout parce que cette agence immobilière partage les mêmes valeur que lui parmi lesquelles l’honnêteté, la rigueur et la bienveillance. Depuis son arrivée, qui fut bientôt suivie de celle son frère aîné, Alexis, le duo a accompli de nombreuse choses pour l’agence.  Implantée depuis 7 ans à Istres, l’Agence de l’Olivier avait du mal à faire décoller son chiffre d’affaires. Les activités de gestion et de syndic fonctionnaient bien mais le nombre de vente stagnait. Cette stagnation ne pouvait résulter que d’une incapacité de l’agence à moderniser ses différents canaux d’acquisition client. La présence de l’Agence de l’Oliver sur Internet se résumait à un site web datant de 2012 et d’une page Facebook garnie d’un nombre très insuffisant de posts.  Baptiste a donc dû mobilier ses divers

Lifelong Sexual Health

  Quality sexual health education (SHE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them be healthy and avoid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and unintended pregnancy. A SHE curriculum includes medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, and culturally relevant content and skills that target key behavioral outcomes and promote healthy sexual development. The curriculum is age-appropriate and planned across grade levels to provide information about health risk behaviors and experiences. Sexual health education should be consistent with scientific research and best practices; reflect the diversity of student experiences and identities; and align with school, family, and community priorities. Quality sexual health education programs share many characteristics. These programs: Are taught by well-qualified and highly-trained teachers and school staff Use strategies that are relevant and engaging for all students Address the healt

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In this article, we’re going to share NOVOS’ top tips on how you can write SEO friendly content for search engines and your users. You have to make a difference with your competitors even though you are serving highly creative and original content. All you need is to make a little empathy with both the algorithm of Google and the readers. Then, the interactions will be multiplied more than you ever thought. Here are some tips and hints to write SEO-friendly content in 6 steps and make Google love you. Start with keyword research Fast forward to the relationship between content and SEO in 2021 and anyone with experience in SEO will tell you that algorithms are leaning towards more thought-led types of content. Of course, keywords still have a huge role to play in dominating SERPs, but you will need to simultaneously have your target audience in mind when producing your work. What you can be mindful of these 9 things: 1) Understand the search intent behind your keyword research. For exa
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